gutter-1If you have been following along with us for a while, then you have likely seen a number of posts describing how important gutters are to the integrity of your home. We’ve also discussed the importance of having your gutter system regularly maintained and cleaned by a team of professional roof and gutter contractors. Both of those things matter a great deal when considering the value and effectiveness of your home, yet many homeowners (most of us, if we are being truly honest) don’t give gutters a second thought unless something has gone wrong. By that point, it’s usually too late. That’s why we recommend having a contracting team come out to your home and give everything a thorough once over, providing maintenance, repairs, and valuable insights on how to ensure that your gutter system will continue to work as it should.  

Now that we have you convinced, you’re ready to hire a contractor, right? We’re glad to hear it! We happen to know a great team of professionals standing by to help right here in Bellevue (hint: it’s us!). Sno-King Contractors, LLC is your Top Rated Local® roofing and gutter contractor. You can check out our services here. We pride ourselves on our work and on the quality service we provide our Bellevue neighbors. We also enjoy sharing our knowledge and giving all of you the tools you need to make educated decisions when it comes to your home. So should you choose to hire us, or even if you go with another service, there are a handful of questions that you should ask your gutter contractor.

Questions to Ask Your Gutter Contractor

Are you bonded and insured?

contractorGutter and roofing contractors work a job that is, by its nature, semi-risky. In fact, these contractors pay some of the highest premiums on their insurance and worker’s comp policies. If your contractor doesn’t have insurance and is injured while working on your home, then you could be liable for any damages. To be on the safe side, ask to see your contractor’s insurance certificate. They will be happy to comply (and if they aren’t, then you have learned something valuable about them, indeed).

Which gutter sizes do you install?

This is not a question we hear often enough. We can understand why, as many homeowners don’t realize or have never been informed that there are various sizes available. Most homes currently have 5” gutters, which are adequate in most cases. However, making the switch to 6” gutters can go a long way towards improving the overall efficiency of your gutter system. Six-inch gutters can handle nearly 40 percent more water volume than their smaller counterparts, which is good news for homeowners that live in precipitous regions like Washington.

How closely do you hang gutter space hangers?

The space hangers (the brackets) that hold the gutters in place can be a bit steep in price. There are no regulations concerning how closely these brackets should be placed, however, if they are spaced too far apart your gutters won’t be able to stand up to heavy precipitation or large amounts of debris. If your contractor spaces hangers more than 24” apart, you would be better off hiring someone else.

How can my gutter system be improved?

This question is an interesting one and it will tell you a lot about your contractor. By and large, contracting is a volume game, and many contractors want to move as quickly as possible to fit as many clients in as they can. Ask your contractor how they would improve your current system, and see what he has to say. A good contractor will have a keen eye for detail, and if he is able to provide you with some valuable insight, it shows knowledge, experience, and a dedication to quality work.

Service You Can Trust

For gutter repair and installation that you can trust, contact Sno-King Contractors, LLC, Bellevue’s Top Rated Local® Roofing and Gutter Contractor.