Gutters are meant to protect your home from water damage. When they are working properly, they direct water off your roof and away from your siding. The downspout helps to funnel all of this water out and away from the foundation of your home and either into the street, your yard, or a storm drain.

Not many people pay attention to their gutters. That is, until something goes wrong. While gutters tend to be the last thing on a homeowner’s mind, the reality is that gutters are actually an incredibly important part of a home’s structure. Should they become damaged, it will affect their efficiency and could potentially cause costly damage to other parts of the home. Fortunately, these problems don’t just strike out of the blue. There are usually warning signs that discerning homeowners can spy long before they become a serious issue, signs like cracks, sagging, pooling water and erosion.

Cracks in Your Gutters

One of the first things you should look for while examining the integrity of your gutter system is cracking. It doesn’t matter how small these cracks are; if they exist, then it’s time to replace your gutter system. Cracks indicate that the metal of your gutters is worn out and no longer able to withstand the challenges posed by the environment.

Sagging Gutters

A sure sign that gutters need to be replaced is sagging. Any length of gutter that is sagging will not be able to perform its designated function with any kind of success. Bent or warped sections of gutter won’t allow water to flow properly and could also allow debris to build up and clog the system. Inevitably, this will lead to water pouring over the sides which can cause damage to a home’s siding or foundation.

Pooling Water & Soil Erosion

cta-box2If you have any pooling around your foundation during storms, you’ve got problems. If the pooling is being caused by your gutters, you’ve got big problems. Your gutter system is meant to keep water away from the foundation of your home. If pooling is occurring along your foundation, it can seriously compromise the integrity of the structure. Water pooling can also cause soil erosion. Aside from the damage, this could cause to the vegetation in your yard, it can also cause damage to the foundation of your home.

Here in Bellevue, we know what it is to endure extreme weather. If we aren’t mindful of the effects that heavy rains and snow can have on our gutters, we can find ourselves in the middle of a costly gutter crisis that could have been prevented. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their home’s gutter system until something goes terribly wrong, and by that point, it’s too late. To avoid these costly and frustrating issues, all you need to do is check your gutters over every so often. If there are cracks in the system, bent or sagging lengths, or if water is pooling around your foundation, those are all signs that it is time to have your gutter system repaired or replaced.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Catch the problems early and call Sno-King Contractors, LLC, Bellevue’s Top Rated Local® Roofing and Gutter Contractor.