When we think about things being in our gutters, we generally think of frisbees and piles of leaves.  We know that we should take the time to have our gutters cleaned annually, but sometimes the thought can escape us. No big deal right? Wrong, while leaves and sticks can cause problems with the drainage of precipitation, there could be a much bigger problem lurking within your gutters. Have you ever stopped to wonder if an animal is now calling your gutter home? Most never even consider it, but it is a more common issue than you may think. Let’s take a look at some animals that might find your unkept house gutters to be an appealing dwelling.


A gutter is the perfect place to build a nest, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. Sticks and mass quantities of leaves are the perfect nest building materials. Once the nest is built and the eggs are laid, it will be difficult to get the birds to leave against their will. The birds will become aggressive in an effort to protect their babies.


These rodents are acrobats. If there is a tree or any other type of high structure near your home. They will use it to access your roof, and build a nest in the same way that birds would. The roof will become their safe haven. Make sure to eliminate all pathways for squirrels to reach your roof.

Feral Cats

Yes, we said cats. If you have a lot of stray cats in your area, you may need to be concerned about them shimmying their way up your home and settling into your gutters. Gutters serve a safe haven from a variety of predators that will remain on the ground at all times like coyotes and foxes. To get the cats to leave your gutters you will have to catch them or call animal control to catch them.


Those wicked coons! If they can find their way up to your roof and gutters, they will. They will sunbathe on your roof, cuddle in your gutters, and even use your gutters as a safe place to give birth and house their babies for a little while.


Gutters make a great place for reptiles to hang out. Especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. If there’s any debris like leaves and sticks in your gutter, it will retain any falled moisture.The moist area creates the perfect breeding ground for bugs like mosquitos which just so happen to be a favored snack of the lizard. To eliminate the lizards, eliminate their food source by having your gutters cleaned.

Be sure to get an annual gutter cleaning to prevent creating a prime habitat for pesky animals. If you believe that one of these animals or reptiles may be living in your gutters, call animal control to evacuate the animal(s), and then call your local gutter cleaners at Sno-King Contractors for a gutter cleaning!