If you’re a lover of home maintenance, then get out your ladder and clean your gutters! If you’re like most people here in the Puget Sound area, cleaning gutters is just another home chore that has to be done. Instead of drudging around about cleaning your gutters, let us handle it this year! We are experts at cleaning out your gutters, and we love fall in the Puget Sound area.

Standard gutter cleaning means we check-in on your home’s gutters to ensure everything is in proper working function. With a lot of rain over the summer, chances are your gutters were working overtime. However, now that autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling and can easily clog your gutter and downspout. This can cause major problems if your gutters are clogged during a huge rain storm. In fact, if your gutters are clogged, it does not take much rain to cause a problem. Clogged gutters means the water will overflow down the side of your home causing water damage to your siding and foundation.

Our gutter cleaning includes removing all dirt, debris, leaves, sticks, bug nests, and more from your gutter and downspout. Then, we make sure your gutters are still properly attached to your home and your downspout is an appropriate distance away so it does not cause foundational problems. These simple checks are one of the best parts of our job because we love meeting you and helping you maintain your home. The bonus part for you is you can just watch and wait for your gutters to be returned to pristine condition.

We recommend cleaning your gutters twice per year, and autumn is a perfect time to do it. Click here to get a free estimate or to book your appointment!