Do you want to prevent unnecessary water damage to your home? The quickest and easiest way to prevent water damage is to clean and repair your gutters on a regular basis. Here are some tips for quick fixes to a few gutter problems that aren’t quite as common as dirt and debris.

Fixing A Hole

No matter the material you choose for your gutters, holes may eventually appear. Steel gutters can rust after a period of time, and aluminum and copper gutters can suffer a puncture from a falling tree branch. It’s imperative to immediately fix the hole to prevent further damage. Materials needed: roofing cement and metal repair patch. The metal patch must match the material of your gutters. Clean all of the debris out of your gutter and, using a putty knife, spread roofing cement on the patch. Place the patch over the hole and clamp it down to allow the cement to dry. After a few hours, the cement will be dry, and you can remove the clamps. Pat yourself on the back for patching a hole in your gutters!

Joints Leaking? Fix Them Now!

Many styles of gutters require the assembly of smaller pieces to customly fit the side of your home. Joints are also located at the corners of your home and at the downspout.These joints are susceptible to drips and leaks. The easy way to fix these drips is to tighten all joint locations for a seamless flow.

Many of these fixes can take anywhere from 1 – 4 hours. If you don’t want to put in the time or effort to fix your gutters, Sno-King Contractors is happy to do all gutter repairs for you!