Gutters in general aren’t something that you probably give much thought when planning home improvements. We tend to focus on the more noticeable things like a new paint job on the house, a new front door, or landscaping improvements.

Let’s talk about gutters  

Gutters play a very important role in the drainage of excess water on the outside of your home. This prevents costly problems from occurring within your home such as water damage and rotting within your drywall.  Damaged or clogged gutters will not drain excess water from snow or rain correctly and can end up routing it right into your home. To prevent this from happening, keep an eye on your gutters to spot any potential signs of trouble. Most of the time, damaged gutters can be repaired, but you should start looking to replace your gutters at around the twenty year mark.

Ways to spot the need for gutter replacement

There are several ways to identify that your gutters are ready to retire. One of the most obvious ways is to check for visible rust. Another tell tale sign is if the paint on your home is peeling and the wood behind your gutters is starting to corrode. These are all signs of overflow of water, caused by worn or misaligned gutters.

If your gutters are cracked, bent, dented, or sagging, they need to be replaced. If there is standing water in your gutters and no clogs to be found, you should replace your gutters immediately. Worn gutters are also one of the main culprits of basement leaks and mold.


Don’t let your worn out gutters cause damage to your home or yard. Call Sno-King Contractors for all of your gutter repair and replacement needs!