Your daughter Madeline has been begging you to set up a lemonade stand. Even at the young age of five years old, she is a bold entrepreneur.  She wants to save up to buy her turtle Ronald a friend. Ronald is a turtle that she discovered in the creek behind your house and insisted on keeping. She gets her hardheaded ways from her father. You reluctantly agree to host the lemonade stand with her. You get out the lemons and sugar, and start squeezing. Madeline even helps with the squeezing. Once you have made two pitchers of lemonade, you head to the corner. You pull the legs out on the old card table and cover the table with a bright pink table cloth. Maddie grins at you in approval. Then she carefully tapes her hand-painted sign to the front of the table cloth. It reads, “Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 25 cents a cup.” You post up under your favorite oak tree and wait for the customers to come. Before you know it, there are six people in line for lemonade and they just keep coming. A few hours pass and the clouds start to roll in, and appear to be a light shade of green. You have seen this before: It is going to hail.

Hustle Home

You pack up your lemonade supplies as quickly as possible. It is starting to rain, and the thunder and lightning are rolling in. You make it home just in the nick of time before the hail starts to fall.  You can hear the hail smashing into the house. Fido is safely tucked under the bed with only the tip of his tale in sight. An hour later when the hail subsides, you step outside to inspect your garden. All of your flowers have been destroyed and the yard is filled with large balls of ice. You can only imagine the condition of your roof. You call Sno-King Contractors and invite them out to inspect the roof of your Puget Sound home. You are not sure whether you will need roofing services or not, so you tell them to come prepared. Fortunately, with local roofing companies like Sno-King Contractors of Puget Sound, having your roofing inspected and repaired is a breeze.