With as much rainfall we receive in the Puget Sound area, it’s imperative our gutters are kept in tip top shape. The last thing you want is to be hit by a hard storm with clogged gutters. This can result in water leaking through your roof or draining down the side of your home and soaking the foundation. Both are problems that are much worse than taking the time to unclog and maintain your gutters.

To preserve the structure of your home, you must regularly care for your gutters. Routine gutter maintenance is something every homeowner can do on their own.

Unclogging A Gutter

It doesn’t take a lot to clog a gutter. As we have learned from beavers, a dam can be created with sticks and leaves; therefore, if you notice water is not pouring out of your downspout at an appropriate rate, your gutter is probably dammed. Grab a ladder or get onto your roof (safely, of course). Remove the debris and then use a garden hose to flush everything out for proper drainage. This is best to do at least once a year, twice a year if you live close to a lot of trees or after a big storm. If you’d like to prevent the clutter in your gutter stream, gutter covers can be easily purchased and installed.

Downspout Location

If your downspout is within five feet from your home, chances are it will drain into your basement or seep into the foundation and cause problems. The best place for your downspout is several feet away from your siding and flowing downhill away from your home. You can screw the downspout into place so a storm does not move it around.

While these tips are feasible for a homeowner to accomplish, Sno-King Contractors is happy to provide you with routine checks on your home’s gutters in the Puget Sound area.