Are you a licensed roofing company?

You want to make sure that your contractor is licensed. This will ensure that if something goes wrong, you will have recourse to have your house fixed and be compensated for any issues.

Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?

Ensure that every employee that sets foot on your property has workmans comp. This will protect you from a lawsuit if any of the employees get injured on the job.

Do you carry general liability insurance?

Liability insurance is important because this is what covers your actual property if something goes wrong during the job. General liability paired with workman’s comp will protect you from being liable for any of the workers or their mistakes.

Will you remove my old roofing?

Don’t let your roofing contractor install your new roof on top of your old roof. The old shingles need to be removed to reveal any signs of rotting or soft spots on the roof

Are you going to install a drip edge when you install my new roof?

You always want a drip edge installed along with a roof. The drip edge is a piece of metal that extends past the roof and allow runoff to into the gutters instead of behind them.

What is the warranty on my new roof?

Find a company that offers you a roofing warranty that is a minimum of 25 years.

Do you provide a written estimate?

When settling into a contract, make sure you have a written estimate that both parties have agreed upon. Make sure that all costs are listed on the estimate, including a charge if there is one for having your old roof removed.