You wake up and turn to check the clock. It’s six a.m., and it’s Saturday. You reluctantly pull the covers over your head, yearning for just a few more hours of shut eye. You snuggle back into your big, white down comforter. You close your eyes and are transformed back into your wonderful world of dreams. You find yourself spinning in a meadow of sunflowers in a beautiful white dress that you bought from ModCloth. You feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. As you soak in the sun, you feel something wet hit your face. You look up at the sky of your dream world, there are no clouds to be seen. There it is again, and again. You wake up to realize that this wet smack in the face isn’t a dream at all. There is water dripping from a crack in your ceiling. You are no longer relaxed.

What Now?

There was a big rainstorm last night, which is no surprise in Puget Sound. You are used to rain showers in the evening. You call up Sno-King Contractors, you know that they are your local roofing experts. They offer you a free quote and let you know that they have technicians available to come to your Puget Sound home today to inspect your roof. You agree and schedule an appointment. You pray that you will not have to replace all of your roofing, but are not sure what to expect.

The tech arrives and heads to check out the roof. While inspecting your roofing, the tech finds that an area of roofing above your bedroom is rotted out and is therefore allowing water to seep through the cracks. You agree that your roof must be repaired before the next nightly rain shower. You are so thankful to live near a top rated contracting service.