Your mom loves the Fourth of July. It is her favorite holiday and she goes all out for it every single year. This year is no different: let the American festivities begin! The Uncle Sam statue is out front and the fridge is stocked with burgers and dogs, and red, white, and blue jello shots. The backyard is equipped with a keg, corn hole, and flags galore. Mom has recruited you to hang the American flag lights around the house, just like you do with the Christmas lights every year. You pull out the ladder, climb onto the roof, and start stringing up the lights. As you shuffle along the roof, you begin to notice that the shingles are peeling up. They are curling on the edges. Knowing what a roof is supposed to look like, as you have been doing this for almost a decade now, you know that your mom is probably in need of a new roof.

Mom’s Excitement

When you finally have all of the red, white, and blue lights hung and illuminated, you head inside to tell your mom to come and check out your masterpiece. She is thrilled with the decor and even more ecstatic for her party. You decide that you will tell her about the roof tomorrow, no need to ruin her excitement.

The Aftermath

The party was a huge success and now you get a big slap in the face from reality. You decide that it is now time to inform your mother about her past-due roof. You head into the kitchen prepared. You let her know that she needs to have the roof looked at by an expert. You tell her that she should call the local roofing experts, Sno-King Contractors of Puget Sound. She agrees to make the call. What would she do without a son like you?

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