prepare. Spring cleaning, yard revamping, and gutter cleaning are just a few that the residents of the Puget Sound region like to take care of. Your house should be refreshed for spring from the inside out. Having your gutters clean and your roof in good condition will ensure that you are ready for those spring showers, and that they will stay outside. Let’s take a deeper look at what you need to do to ensure that your home is protected from spring weather:


Have your gutters cleaned and your roof inspected for any flaws or hazards. It is important to make sure that your gutters are free of any natural debris, like sticks, leaves, seeds, and any wildlife to ensure that they will work properly during those summer thunderstorms that you are sure to get. It is also important that the downspouts are also free flowing, and placed strategically so that the structure of your home isn’t jeopardized by pooling water or erosion from that water.

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In addition, it’s essential to have your roof inspected for any missing or loose shingles. If shingles are beginning to buckle, curl, or blister that will indicate to the inspector that your shingles’ life cycle is coming to an end. At that point it is time to invest in new shingles to protect the structure of your home.

For your roof and gutter spring cleaning and inspection, call the experts at Sno-King Contractors. They will take care of all of your spring roofing needs!