Having a new roof installed is a big and expensive project, which is why it is important to make sure that you are absolutely certain in your decision before hiring on a roofing company. Take a good look at your roof to determine whether it is best practice to replace or repair your current roof. If your roof is curling in several places and is worn. It is time to consider a replacement. If you are simply missing a few shingles or experiencing roofing problems in a single area, you may be able to just have your roof repaired. There are many things to consider before determining if replacing your roof is the right option for you.

Boom, Bang, Clack

Something that many people don’t consider when planning on replacing their roof is the noise level that accompanies that project. Having your roof replaced is loud. If you work from home, have a new born baby, or suffer from insomnia, you may not want to invite workers to bang around on your roof for two weeks straight.

Deciding On A Company

Once you have established whether or not you and your family will be able to cope with the noise of having your roof replaced or repaired, find a few contractors to give you quotes. Not sure where to start? Ask friends or family members who they have used as roofing contractors in the past or find companies with good online reviews. Ask each contractor for pricing, time frames, and examples of previous work to get a better idea of what you are getting into. Compare each company to decide which company will be the best fit for you.

Get A Contract

Get a written contract before you let workers lay a hand on your home. The contract should lay out exactly what was agreed upon to be done as well as the agreed upon cost of the project.


Your roof is what protects your home, so make sure that you take the precautions to protect it by hiring a reputable, insured company that you can trust. Sno-King Contractors is your Top Rated Local® roofing, gutter, decking, fencing, and painting company. Contact them today for a free quote!