The roof is your first layer of protection against Mother Nature. A shelter is not complete until it has a roof. Since it holds such responsibility for the composure of your home, it’s imperative to have good roofing maintenance habits. The brutality from the weather can impact your home’s integrity, so with these few routine maintenance tips, you can prolong a roof replacement.

Shingle Check

It’s good news for your time and pocket book if your home has traditional shingles. If a shingle or two is missing or damaged, it is easily replaced since they are individual units. Shingles are typically damaged in hail storms, high wind speeds or ice; however, if you have large tree branches nearby, chances are the strikes from the branches are more damaging than any other weather elements. Replace any shingles that are damaged to prevent leaks and further damage. For example, if there are two shingles missing in one area and a large wind storm sweeps through, there is more open space for the wind to catch under the surrounding shingles and rip them up. Therefore, replace the shingles as soon as you know they are missing or damaged.

Leaky Roof

The reason to check for leaks is to prevent water retention inside your home which can lead to mold, rotting structure or ceiling damage. Good news for safety! You don’t have to actually get on the roof to check for leaks. To check, all you have to do is walk around your home looking at the ceiling for discoloration. A hint of yellow or light brown can indicate moisture. Many leaks are caused by improper roof installation or shingle placement. Ensure the professional installing your roof is qualified so you can prevent leaks in the future.

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